Board Game Design

In the last year or so that I have been playing board games, I have begun to dream about the possibility of creating my own and sharing games that I love with other people. I have several ideas that I am trying to work on, and recently decided to start writing about my design ideas and progress here, as a way to both focus on my design progress as well as open myself up for feedback and critique.

Game 1 – “From the Ashes” – Worker Placement/Role Selection: Taking my favourite type of board game (Worker Placement) and adding in (modified) mechanics from some of my current favourite games: Glass Road, Caylus, Lords of Waterdeep, Forge War and Castles of Burgundy.

  1. Intro
  2. Card Phase
  3. Missions
  4. Missions/Turn Order
  5. Buildings
  6. Mishmash update

Game 2 – “Tiny Town” – Tile Placement/City Building: Still in the concept stage, but involves placing building tiles to form a city centre. Mechanically inspired by games such as Ginkgopolis and Carcassonne, but also by the building placement aspect of the video game Skyward Collapse. Originally came up with the idea after playing Carcassonne with my young daughters and seeing their joy at inventing stories on what their Meeples were doing when placed, along with how they treated each city they built as different types of businesses/locations, rather than entire cities.

Game 3 – Unnamed – Worker Placement/Engine Building: One of my earlier ideas was a Worker Placement game set in the Prohibition Era that cast players as bootleggers who made and sold alcohol to various speakeasies. Some initial ideas were inspired by various “take that” mechanics from other games, particularly the Provost from Caylus. Some other features include unique workers that can be hired, as well as a hand of once-per-game abilities that players could use to their benefit. The goal is to find a balance between making money selling alcohol while managing your reputation; too high and you’ll get caught, too low and the higher-end speakeasies won’t want to deal with you. I had a good amount written on this game, but it fell to the wayside as I hit several blocks and (at the time) didn’t know enough to work around them. I hope to follow-up on this idea again sooner than later.


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