Inspiring Pictures 3

Soulfall – I was unfamiliar (sadly, in retrospect) with Small Box Games, but after seeing Soulfall on Kickstarter, the art drew me right in. Now that I’ve got my copy in-hand, the art stands out so much more and really helps set the mood and tone for the whole game. I’m very happy with this game and the art is stunning and has really helped me appreciate just how much feeling the art for a game can impart.


Dark Moon – I’m not a fan of bluffing/social deduction games (at all, I have disliked all of them that I’ve played so far but that’s a tale for another day), but I love the humourous take on what is a less-than-subtle nod at the ‘Alien’ franchise.


Queen’s Architect – I dig the customizable rondels that each player gets to use and how the rotating worker disks interact with them. Even after watching Rahdo’s runthrough, I have very little understanding of how the game all works, but new takes on components like this are very cool and I’m happy to see them popping up more often.


Splendor – I’m on the fence about this one, although I can’t deny for a second that the artwork is genuinely stunning. My game group has been pushing back on heavier (and particularly longer) games, so I’ve been keeping an eye out on shorter playing games that aren’t short in the strategy department. Splendor is on the edge of being too simplistic for my tastes (from what I can see, I haven’t had a chance to play), but I think it’s one that I could play with my family and still enjoy. The price at my FLGS is what has held me off so far ($52), but I’m still debating it.


Supermarché – Just heard about this one today, but it’s a solitaire PnP game released on BGG. While the aesthetic isn’t going to blow anyone away, this is one that I’m probably going to put together and play now and again as it looks pretty fun.



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