Let’s Design a Game #1 Brainstorming for Our Project

Really looking forward to following this series. I’m partial to #6 – initial thought is that each time a space in one of the ‘areas’ is accessed by a player, a gauge increases by 1 – when it reaches the top, *something* bad happens. I really like the idea of no blocking, but making players choose to either trigger something nefarious or get in early at the possible risk of not getting something else.

TGIK Games Blog

I would like to introduce you to a new series, Lets Build a Game.

I have no idea if this is going to work but I would like to take you through my thought process as I design a game from scratch. My plan is to take all my notes on Google Docs and make the note available for you to see. (link to Goggle Doc) If you want to add your thoughts as we go along through this process, please feel free. I plan to add pictures of the prototype process and I would like to have video of play tests if I am able to make that happen. So without further ado, lets first figure out what project we are going to work on.

Potential Project List:

  1. Negotiation Game where potential deals move around the table and no one knows who they are negotiating with or…

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