Aside – Inspiring pictures

I don’t know if anyone else does this (or cares about me doing it), but I keep a folder of images that I pull (typically from BGG) that I think are particularly inspiring or sometimes just plain neat. Many of them just jump out to me with the feeling of “Wow, I wonder how that thing works!” and sometimes they’re not of board games at all. I ended up finding a decent number of new ones this morning, so I figure I’d do an image post and share some of my all-time favourites along with some new ones.

The Gallerist – There’s just something about the colour scheme and the iconography that I just love.

Tulip Fields – This is a picture I’ve had around for a while now. I love the straight lines and amazing colours. I can’t help but feel there’s a board game in there somewhere.

Copper Country – I’ve seen better pictures of this game, but for some reason seeing this one mid-game and me having no idea what’s going on is really cool to me.

Caylus – I love Caylus, I love all the little pieces and knowing what they’re all for makes seeing them all piled up like this very striking to me. So much potential in each of them, if that makes any sense.

Kingdom Builder – I really like Kingdom Builder and while this particular image isn’t showing off a large number of components, I like how you can take a look at it, see the Settlements on the Plains hexes along with the Plains card and it’s not that hard to figure out how the game plays. Also, I like the textures between the settlements, bonus ability tile and the card when it’s shot at this angle.

Ophir – I dig variable player powers and although I don’t know much about Ophir as a game, I like the way these cards are laid out. The iconography is clean and simple while the various elements of the card don’t get in the way of the very nice artwork.

Concordia – I don’t have a clue what’s going on here or why Meeples and wheat can be in similar-looking spots on this player(?) board, but it sure makes me want to find out. Seeing it in isolation like this is really cool, as I’ve seen plenty of shots of the board itself before, seeing this little spot by itself is striking to me.


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