Where Does a Game Designer Begin?

What Makes Games Good?

No More Daily Blogs

As I lay in bed, trying to think of something blogworthy to thumb into my iPhone before my self-imposed deadline hits, I realise, perhaps I’ve taken my hobby too far. So for now, I’ll only be posting once a week.

I may return to daily updates if my audience grows, but until then, I’ll update once per week end.

Where to begin?

Short answer is “anywhere you like”.

Long answer is the same as the short answer with the phrase “including, but not limited to…” attached.

The best place to start is with the feature that excites you most. The sort of thing you’d see written on a game box that has you reaching for your wallet.

Including, But Not Limited To…

A mechanic. The mechanics are the features that govern what the game does. Whether you are playing chess on a computer, a physical board…

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