How To Build a Game: #54 Guest Article: Testing Your Idea Without Prototyping

TGIK Games Blog

Hello loyal followers of TGIK. I’m Jon Chambers, and today we are writing on each other’s blog.
Prototypes are valuable and vital to game designers. Bringing a game from start to completion without a prototype is like trying to fix a car wearing a blind fold, listening to heavy music with a pair of thick gloves. It can be done in theory, but not practise. However, prototypes take a while to build, and they can’t be tested in the shower or while driving. This is why it’s good to test your game before you build a prototype.
Imagine Your Idea In The Shop
Whether you first see new games in a physical store, Kickstarter, your favourite online shop, Board Game Geek or being held by your favourite reviewer, imagine it there.
You want to buy this game. Yes you, poor game designer, struggling to make ends meet, your electricity may…

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