Taking an idea forward – “Missions”

Picking up from last time, I needed a way to handle the possibility of more than 2 players playing the same “Protection” card on a given turn. Thematically, even if there were 3 groups of guards protecting the woods, there are only a fixed number of hours in the day, so adding more resources to that action wasn’t going to work. Glass Road handles this by allowing other players to play their duplicate card for free, with each player getting only half of the cards potential benefit, but:

a) I didn’t want to make duplicate cards a negative, rather it had to be a strategic consideration each turn;
b) There are still more mechanics to add to the game, how can this tie into the worker placement aspect?

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Taking an idea forward – Card Phase

As discussed previously, I am quite enamoured with the card selection aspect in Glass Road; I like how players can’t just pick what they need willy-nilly as they run the risk of losing out on half of what the card can provide. I also greatly appreciate how this particular mechanic greatly helps in eliminating the dreaded “multi-player solitaire” feel that many Euro games have.

When I sat down and decided that I wanted to build my own worker placement game, I had a few design goals in mind:

  • Have 2 distinct phases;
  • Not be multi-player solitaire;
  • Have multiple paths to victory.

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Taking an idea forward

TL;DR – Thinking about writing down my ideas/progress as I work on an idea for a board game. I’m new at this and probably pretty bad at it too, but I can’t keep holding onto ideas and talking myself out of developing them.

The Beginning

In the late part of last year, I was enrolled in a game design course as offered by edx.org (11.126x, Introduction to Game Design) and although I wasn’t able to complete it due to real-life obligations on my time, I was fairly bitten by the idea of actually building a board game that I might one day be able to share with others.

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[Crosspost] Growing up (board) gamers – Board games to play with kids

Note: Originally written for my FLGS – comichunter.net

Not to sound too old, but I’m jealous of the board games available for kids growing up these days. There will always be the mainstays such as Snakes & Ladders, Sorry! and Candy Land, but there are more and more designer board games being released for younger players that help teach aspects of strategy, risk and probability while still being quite fun to play. I’d like to write about some of the games that I’ve been playing with my kids (ages 8 and 6 at this time), compare them to some larger or more grown up games and go over our experiences playing them with younger players.

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