[Crosspost] The Witcher Adventure Game Review

Note: Originally posted for my FLGS – comichunter.net

Image originally from https://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1887424/witcher-adventure-game

The Witcher Adventure Game (BGG) is a relatively new game by Ignacy Trzewiczek based on the highly successful series of Witcher stories by Andrzej Sapkowski as well as the video game adaptations by CD Projekt RED. The game plays between 2 and 4 players and depending on the ‘quest goal’ that you wish to use, the game can take anywhere from about 15 minutes to 2 hours to play. In addition to the physical board game which can be purchased, The Witcher Adventure Game has also been released as a video game which can be purchased for about $10.00 through Steam or GOG.com and it is a direct copy of the board game, allowing for play against AI opponents or against other owners of the game online. I will add a disclaimer here that my review is written from having played the PC game only (so far), however the mechanics and components are exactly the same between versions.

As the game begins, players will choose their desired hero from the Witcher series and will then determine the number of quests that must be completed in order to trigger the game end; 1, 3 or 5. Each of the 4 different characters begin in a different city and then select their first Quest by drawing 2 quest cards and discarding one of them. The quest cards provide a considerable amount of information; lore, overall goals, side-quests, final challenge as well as quest rewards. Once the quests have been chosen, players will begin working towards completing them, primarily by moving from city to city in order to collect Clues (each city will display between 1 and 3 different colours, representing which clues can be acquired for visiting) and then converting those clues into Proof. Sounds pretty standard, but the extra mechanics sprinkled over the whole of the game are what really make it interesting.

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[Crosspost] My Second Worker Placement

Note: Originally posted for my FLGS – comichunter.net

Continuing on from my previous article (My First Worker Placement), I’d like to write about some of the medium-weight Worker Placement games that I own and greatly enjoy (Spyrium and Russian Railroads) and also mention a few others that I have not yet played, but I am interested in as I feel they offer a bit more than just straight-forward worker placement (Alien Frontiers, Viticulture & Tuscany expansion and Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar).

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[Crosspost] Terra Mystica – Worth the weight (all 5 pounds of it)

Originally written for my FLGS – comichunter.net

Since being released in 2012, Terra Mystica by Jens Drögemüller and Helge Ostertag has been an unquestionable success; boardgamegeek.com has it ranked #2 in both the ‘Strategy’ and ‘Board Game’ categories with an average user rating of 8.26 out of 10, not to mention it has either been nominated or has won 20 different awards Worldwide. Make no mistake, Terra Mystica is a heavy game and one that very solidly fits into the Euro category, but the huge amount of replayability as well as some rather intuitive gameplay makes it well deserving of all of the accolades it has received.

Terra Mystica game in progress – Image originally from http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/2273955/terra-mystica

Terra Mystica plays from 2 to 5 players at roughly 30 minutes per player, comes with 14 unique races in the base game as well as a number of different scoring bonuses as well as round round that get randomly selected at the start of the game. Throw in the Fire & Ice expansion and the number of possible races grows to 20 and gives you 2 additional boards to choose from, which include extra scoring conditions for the end of the game. There is a tremendous amount of game for the price and Terra Mystica has quickly become one of my favourite games, even if that means playing online when I can’t play in person.

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