In the last several years, the board gaming hobby has gone through a renaissance and many new games of varying complexity have been released. Alongside all of these new games, a plethora of useful information has been made available to the board gaming community, from sites like BoardGameGeek to networks such as The Dice Tower and independent content creators like Richard Hamm, Joel Eddy, Tim Norris and Rodney Smith among many others. All of this content is amazing and invaluable to board gamers everywhere, however while there may be a plethora of information available to help potential buyers choose new games to add to their collections, I have found that information pertaining to game strategies are spread around, mostly among forum posts on BGG.

While I don’t claim to be an expert (and with regard to many games, even good) player of board games, I have found some success at introducing new games to others as well as teaching some basic strategies for how to actually go about winning games once the rules have been learned. I hope to use this site to add my own content relating to games that I own and have played, as well as collect and share some of the very best posts from forums, blogs and elsewhere that I feel offer valuable information to the community. I don’t intend for this to be an advertising platform, nor do I wish it to be a review site, I only want to help people enjoy games.


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